Shri Sai Sarovar

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About Book


The biography is of 'Shri Saibaba' (Shirdi) from author's Desk of late Shri Maganlal Tapidas Jaramanwala was unapproachable and inaccessible for last 28 yrs. This has been republished!

Let us have our divine dip in 'SHRI SAI SAROVAR'.

This 'Shri Sai Sarovar 'is not a more divine lake on the topic, but it is the largest available treatise on the topic of Shri Saibaba literature, published in the Gujarati language. This is divided in vol.1 and vol. 2.

There are many books available in the market but this scripture has a unique composition. Most of the tales, episodes have been provided with maximum possible accurate details like day, dates, time &horoscopes etc. The author has carried out extensive research on biography, episodes on Sad guru 'Shri Saibaba', many other saints, mahatmas, rishimunis and divine disciples of 'Shri Saibaba'. Which is now being described in depth in the two volumes of 'Shri Sai Sarovar '.

It encompasses many short biography and episodes like Shri Godavari Maa of Sakori village, Shri Rang Avadhut Maharaj , 'Sant Shri Girnariji', the devoted worshiper of Gayatri'Shri Shantavanaji Maharaj' , 'Sant Shri Mounibaba', 'Sant Shri Narmadanandji Maharaj' (Shri Dutt Ashram Uchhali ), Shri Saibaba's near and dear 'Sant Shri Saisharananandji Maharaj'. Besides Parasi Sai Bhakta 'Shri Limaji Darasha Gandhi' of Bharuch (who was the coordinator of 'Shirdi Trust'). 'Shri Madrasi Swami', handed over very old and carefully preserved treasure of literature related with 'Saibaba', to the author of this book, thus contributed and helped in the writing of this book 'Shri Sai Sarovar'.

Besides'Shri Dabholkarji', 'Shri Dasganu Maharaj', 'Shri VamanravGokhale', 'Shri Balkrushnadev', prof. 'Shri Narake' were also esteemed writers who remained near and dear of 'Shri Saibaba'. Their literature was also studied in depth by the author.


About Author

Swa. Shree Maganlal

The author and the freedom fighter late 'Shri Maganlal Tapidas Jarmanwala' was born in a mediocre family of Surat city on date16/10/1922. Since his childhood he had lost his father and was brought up by his mother under severe poverty. His student life remained limited up to 4 Gujarati standard. In spite of all these hurdles, he dreamed of becoming a good writer since his childhood, he started writing small poetries, and at the young age of 20 years he joined in “freedom fight of India”. He had fulfilled and served the country for many years of his life. During his freedom fight, The British Government many times sentenced him with confinement in jail. But he was never defeated. Because of his qualities and devotion for freedom fight, he was awarded with 'Tamrapatra' (a trophy) by former Prime MinisterShreemati Indira Gandhi.

We are the proud children of such a patriot father, who has devoted his contribution for free India.

By nature the author was candid, an out spoken man with a noble heart. Who always preferred the way of truthfulness. He firmly, never left his craving of writing, during many of his ups and downs and hurdles in personal as well as public life. Side by side of his social duties, his pen never stopped writing and the way he wrote many books on spirituality and other subjects. His last creation of the unique and precious scripture is 'Shri Sai Sarovar'.

After completion of this book, on the date 07/01/1991, he suffered a severe heart attack. He started his journey to the final abode. But blessed Sai bhaktas with the unforgettable, precious and divine gift named as “ShriSai Sarovar”. Which will be unforgettable in time to come. We are proud children of such a patriot freedom fighter and spiritual writer.

About Us

Golden Fragrance

We have ventured to put our humble efforts in the new edition of 'Shri Sai Sarovar' with some related corrections and added new portions in to the stories, at the end of jigyasa (chapters), which is labelled as 'ARCHAN'. The portion added here is to provide more details, which is already written by the author. For the purpose we had visited related experts and prepared the write-ups with 'qualitative research' processes by Smt. Rekhaben M. Patel.

One important information is that, Gujarati devotee Shri 'Amidas Mehta' and today also his shrine is present at 'Shirdi'. Who was the native of 'Bhavnagar' and strict devotee of the lord 'Shri Krishna' he was strictly following rules laid by 'Pushti Marg' and always reciting the name of 'shri Dwarakadhish' during day and night. But then what happened that he left his royal life and accepted refuge of 'Shirdi'? Why he left his material gains and decided to reside in 'Shirdi' only? Until his last breath? These are well described in details in this new edition of 'Shri Sai Sarovar'. Which is now first-time, made available for devotees of 'Shri Saibaba' in last 100 years.

Along with these, volumes are made more attractive having new appearance, with the help of computerized techniques. Better quality photographs, good quality of papers, firm and long lasting binding. We have also corrected left over small spelling mistakes as per our understandings and tried to make the book more colourful and beautiful. Simultaneously taking care to maintain the true meanings and expressions of the author. We have made minor modifications of the words. Besides the author could not get the photographs related with the stories at that time, the same we have incorporated in the volumes as far as possible. In such a way with rare photographs and 1550 pages have been carefully tailored. Now with the divine blessings of 'Sri Saibaba' and my father, we have become able to put the volumes of 'shri Sai Sarovar' in the hands of esteemed devotees of 'Shri Saibaba' Which is like fragrance added to gold.

We believe that the book 'Shri Sai Sarovar' is the largest book (In volumes 1-2) written in Gujarati literature, and may also qualify an entry in 'Limca Book of Records'.

Shree Rekhaben

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